About Us

Health, Safety and Environment

At Proctor, we believe in being Safe, Secure, Responsible, Committed, and Trustworthy for our employees, partners, and clients. To achieve this goal, we work closely with authorities, academia, and professional organizations to incorporate best practices in our strategies, policies, and standards.

Maintaining Occupational Health & Safety is about the dedication of our leaders and decision-makers. Proctor Global Design is committed to achieving high standards in Health Safety & Environment (HSE) to keep our team members, contractors, and the public safe and secure throughout our business portfolios. Proctor HSE plans, policies, and standards are implemented as a whole in coordination with project associates to achieve a safe working environment at our offices and construction sites.

At Proctor, we believe in the well-being of our employees and associates and promote care and respect for each other. We encourage our employees to take responsibility for occupational health and safety and the environment through people engagement and training.

Proctor Global Design values the environment as an integral part of human livelihood for present and future generations. We believe protecting the natural environment is intrinsic to business growth and benefits society. We have a clear vision of the Sustainable Development approach in our operations, business strategies, and design development. Maintaining safety in Design, Proctor’s design strategy ensures processes are free from hazards and safe to construct and operate.

Business at Proctor Global Design maintains the highest standards of ethics in managing operational affairs and relationships with its employees, partners, customers, suppliers, and social and public organizations. Business integrity and reputation are at the core of our ethical practices. Therefore, proctor employees are fully responsible for complying with the Code of Conduct, a mandatory prerequisite for employment.