About Us

Engineering is our Passion

We believe in an honest opinion, professional commitment, best practice, and sustainable development. We design, plan, and deliver projects with total commitment to achieve sustainable and efficient functional, resource, and energy outcomes. We are a team of diverse professionals with a dynamic experience in engineering and business.
With a global footprint, we believe in challenging the conventional industry approach to exceed customers’ expectations. We aspire to be the best knowledge partners in the industry. Our team has successfully performed tasks in the Middle East, Turkey, Pakistan, and Canada. Our services have three major divisions: Information Technology, Construction & Sustainability Management.

Our Vision

Sustainability Management is our future. Socioeconomic and environmental challenges are demanding business to carefully plan and manage risks and opportunities associated with population growth, urbanization, resource scarcity, and climate change. Our sustainability professionals help businesses to transform their engineering and business approaches to better serve today and tomorrow. We provide systematic approach to organizations to evaluate, manage, and improve sustainability within their businesses.

Our Mission

Business best practices are our mission. We follow the Environmental, Social, Corporate Governance (ESG) approach to assist clients in driving business outcomes by addressing the needs of various stakeholders. We provide a wide range of engineering and management services to potential businesses and entrepreneurs. At Proctor, the management service portfolio covers a variety of industries, including E-Commerce, Engineering, Construction, Real Estate, and Business Development.


We aim to deliver world-class engineering and design solutions to our valued clients to be competitive and profitable. World-class design requires vision, creativity, intuition, and technical ability professionals. To achieve quality and consistency, we have developed worldwide operational excellence by engaging the most experienced designers and embedding universally accepted design principles.

Our technical team is capable of using the most advanced technologies in engineering design and project management, such as Detail Design Development, Building Information Modeling (BIM), Design Review and Optimization, and Laser Scanning. Additionally, we have remote monitoring and control team capable of providing project management support for projects using the most advanced technologies, including Project Scheduling, Quantification, Project Reporting, Business Intelligence (BI), and 5D Construction Simulation.

Our Quality Commitment (ISO Certificate)

Obtaining ISO 9001 certification demonstrates our commitment to providing high-quality deliverables to our clients, as well as our ongoing investment in technology and development. It also contributes to overall performance improvement, maintaining a high level of quality, and providing a solid foundation for sustainable development initiatives. We have strong, well-defined procedures in place in all of our business areas, including R&D, production, risk management, document and data handling, and strong business continuity processes.