About Us

Design and Management Principles

Our goal is to deliver the best possible solutions given project constraints at a competitive cost. The design process turns aspiration into clear, unambiguous information that enables the creation of a physical item or system, including value engineering, detailed specifications, manufacturing instructions and drawings, and operational manuals. In addition, our project management solutions provide efficient project monitoring and reporting framework for continuous project support.

Quality of Services

We are committed to maintaining the quality of our services under any workload or challenges through a combination of Resource Acquisition and Retention Multiple locations and focused recruitment in combination with implementing retention measures for key staff.

Information Systems

Improving our Systems and processes and making them available to all. We have a solid and safe global networking system connecting all offices for efficient and reliable file sharing and Management. We also utilize the power of international software such as Oracle and Asite to enhance our communications and performance management.

Project Controls

We aim to improve delivery to our clients through better project management and controls using modern technologies and highly trained staff. We use the most advanced software market, such as Primavera, Revit, Power BI, and Syncro MSP, for remote monitoring & Management.

Training & Development

We have developed an in-house suite of training courses covering our operation's management/Technical and commercial aspects. Our training programs cover General Orientation, IT & Communication, Health & Safety, Work-place Ethics, and Technical Courses. Furthermore, we are constantly encouraging and rewarding creativity at our workplace.